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Library Stories From Our Patrons

During the COVID-19 shutdown, The Free Library of New Hope & Solebury has been reaching out to the community with digital resources and guidance, as well as a robust schedule of virtual programming. Our librarians have been available via email, telephone and Zoom!

Through it all, we’ve been asking: what’s your library story? Here are a few stories from our patrons. Won’t you share your library story with us? Photos welcomed! Please send it to nhspubliclibrary@gmail.com with the subject line: My Library Story.

“A library day in our family is a happy day. It’s the time when hours are filled with cozy reading, imaginations are hard at work and hearts are perfectly content.

It’s hard to find people who are more heartbroken right now because of the library closure than our four little readers. There’s hardly anything better for them than the tactile pleasure of holding a heavy book and turning its textured pages. But there are also audiobooks that we check out with our wonderful library app. These audiobooks are of amazing quality, read by professionals and—what’s important for us as a bilingual family—come in different languages!

I can’t emphasize enough what a happy place our library is. The librarians (our ‘book fairies’) help us with everything, always with a smile and their infinite competence. The library has been a crucial resource in our home education journey. Just the setting of the children’s room itself is such a stimulating environment…the variety of juvenile non-fiction astonishing…the access to books from other libraries a wonderful learning tool.

The library building is closed right now in this difficult time for everyone, but the library is far from being closed. Our wonderful librarians are working hard to keep us reading, and the e-resources are infinite and easily accessible thanks to them.

We believe reading is crucial for everyone’s mental and emotional well-being, but it is especially significant for children. Our library gives us so many opportunities to read and do much more. It is the heart of the New Hope-Solebury community, bringing people of all ages together and making them happier and healthier.

Almost every day, my two-year-old says ‘When can we go to the library?’ Soon, I say, and sit down with her to listen to an audio story from the library collection. This, too, shall pass!” – Natalia K.

“During this time of quarantine, we’ve had more time on our hands. Generally, I have complained that I did not have enough time to read. Well, now that I have more reading time, I have to highly recommend using our lovely Free Library of New Hope & Solebury. I have been able to read e-books online through the library. Also, very kind reading neighbors have shared actual library books with me. We have a great system of giving the book a quick Clorox wipe and passing on to each other via porch drops.” – Martha D.

“The Free Library’s weekly Zoom meetings are a real opportunity to connect with others of like mind who enjoy reading. This meeting has opened up a whole new world, not only of interesting book recommendations, but from the lively discussion on each and every one of these books. At one meeting, I expressed my frustration from past attempts to try and download library books to my Kindle. Connie, who hosts these meetings, heard my frustration and immediately took action. I am happy to report that she provided clear, concise and easy-to-understand instructions, AND I immediately borrowed four books, put two on hold and am reading with great pleasure and no frustration! Kudos to Connie!” – Earlene A.

“My husband and I have been supporters of The Free Library for decades, and we often took advantage of the library’s programming when our children were young. In recent years our lives have been very busy, but during the pandemic we’re spending most of our time at home. I am missing my monthly book club meeting, which I’ve managed to restart as a Zoom meeting. But additionally, I have been so thankful to participate in Connie’s Tuesday Zoom book discussions. It’s been refreshing to meet new people and be introduced to books I might not ordinarily read.” – Tricia R.

“Playing virtual games was a fun way to stay in the community while physically separate. TriBond teases the brain while keeping us laughing together. It’s imperative that we stay connected during the lockdown since isolation is emotionally depleting.” – Julie W.

“My daughter and I are enjoying the weekly quizzes offered by the library. It is a fun way to learn about animals and nature. Thank you, Miss Patricia!” – Kathleen R.

“My son and I have been weekly visitors to the library for many years now. It has been wonderful to continue our weekly ‘visits’ through the virtual quiz program. The topics are great and provide a fun and educational experience for both of us!” – Anon.