Sponsor a Bee Team

Got a friend or family member participating in the Spelling Bee? Show them some love by sponsoring their team. The team with the highest dollar amount raised will win a special prize the night of the Bee. All donations directly benefit the operations of the Free Library of New Hope and Solebury. Bee sure to include the team name or team member’s name in the notes field.

Thank you!

Let It Bees (Sherry Baker, Jill Talarico, Mary Flamer)

We Bee Lawyers (Michael Meginniss, Sarah C. Brucie, Breandan Q. Nemec)

Solebury BeeOS (Solebury Township Board of Supervisors: Mark Baum Baiker, Noel Barrett, John Francis)

Bee Yourself (Tamara Lesh, Beth Olanoff, Dan Weick)

Fox and Hound Bee & Bee (Lisa Menz, Michael Cheung, Colleen Menz)

The Pollen-ticians (Debra Jean Mercer, Sara Barrantes, TBA)

Fount of All Knowledge (2018 Bee Champions: Christopher Whitney, H. James Peters, Jason Gersh)

Buzzy Mombees (Kara Gasiorowski, Jeanine Brinkley, Kelly Money)

Don’t Stop Beelievin’ (Beth Houlton, Erin Chrencik, Amy Hoffman)

C’est La Bee (Jane Vitart, Irene Stolarz, Halina Laporta)

The Bees’ Knees (New Hope Borough Council: Tina Rettig, Ken Maisel, Laurie McHugh)

Bee Thousand (Zack Waldman, Tyler Drosdeck, Graham Smith)

The ZomBees (Shannon De Almo, Maryam Bickell, Brooke Gasiorowski)

The Bee Bops (Janet Teacher, Buz Teacher, Emilio Companioni)

Clusters Bee Crunchers (Linda Sghiatti, TBA)

Bill’s Honeybees (Leanne Yerkes, Bonnie Yerkes, Amy Raab)

The Buzz Fuzz (New Hope Borough Police Department: James Giovinazzo, Richard Joyner, Dan Baxter)

Solebury Stingers (Solebury Township Police Department: Marc Mansour, Megan Klosterman, Patrick Dorsey)